Work now, laugh later

“I have always been a procrastinator. Even back in grades 6 & 7, when I had my first term projects, I would leave them to the last minute. It wasn’t uncommon for me to be finishing my work in a panic. Sometimes a mild panic. Sometimes a panicked panic. For the most part, I’ve been able to fake it, I’ve always been a able cover up my procrastination with a final dedicated effort as I approach deadlines. But recently it’s been harder and harder to get away with procrastinating because the projects have gotten too big and I just can’t finish them an evening or two. The results have been poor: I’ve gambled on extensions, and I’ve turned in some really sub-par work. At this point, I somehow managed to finish my master’s degree, but I still have two related projects that I need to finish up before I can really move on with my career. Thus, I’ve decided to get rid of my procrastination habit. I’ve tried many times before, using endless “anti-procrastination techniques,” such as chaining myself to my desk, setting earlier deadlines, scheduling each part of the project, giving up socializing, etc etc etc. Sometimes my efforts are helpful, but just for a short time”.
Ms. Erin .P

Regardless of form, work is a part of everyday human life, and procrastination is pretty much the other side of the same coin. Whether you’re a student or the teacher, an assistant or a CEO, we’ve all felt that laziness to work, had the I’ll-do-it-later syndrome, felt a measure of aversion to do stuff (happens to the best of us), but one thing about procrastination is that it always shows in the results. ALWAYS. Procrastination is easily the #1 productivity killer and on this post we’ll be going over how to avoid it.

After a survey of 72 successful people including the likes of Neil Patel, Mike Vardy, Darren Rowse, they have recommended techniques they use to avoid procrastination:
•Develop a habit of doing tasks immediately they need to be done
•Schedule your priorities. Have a schedule for every week rather than decide on feeling
•Break down projects in smaller, manageable pieces
•Find the reason you’re procrastinating and be decisive about it
•When feeling reluctant to work, take a small step foward for a headstart or give your work a sense of urgency
•Identify the things you do when you procrastinate and create time for those activities

Procrastination is human nature and we really can’t help being who we are sometimes. What we CAN do is condition our mind and reduce the urge as much as possible. Keep trying different methods until you find what works for you, and this post gives you the perfect headstart.

Happy new month and happy worker’s day, Pluggers.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”– Robert Brault.

We forgot a coffee pot to the 5 day camping trip. We thought that the mountain house will have the one we could borrow, but it was locked during the entire trip. We had a package of coffee, which was even worse, because I could smell it, but not prepare it. There was only one guy camping next to us with his kids, and he had only a frying pan, since he didn’t drink coffee (weirdo!). After 5 days of slight headache, on the way back we stopped by a cafe and I ordered a double coffee. OMG! What a taste. What a revelation. What a sense of clarity! I have a problem, you know. Every morning when you wake up and you are able to make a coffee, be grateful!

When I moved in the US, I was talking to my parents on the Skype every single day for about 10 minutes. I was lonely and lost and their support was precious. One friend that studied with me was very surprised to hear that. And also kind envious. He told me that his family had dinner together about 5 or 6 times in his entire life – he’s 23. That was shocking for me. I thought all families have dinners together, at least until every kid moves. But even after that, there are weekends and holidays. Well, apparently not. Family harmony was another thing that I was taking for granted

We all naturally have goals, we’re humans after all. Long-term, short-term, relationship goals, career goals and otherwise. We see ourselves put so much time and effort into making them happen that the common, equally important bits of life come and go unappreciated. Imagine not being able to taste your favourite food. Or living without internet. Being in prison. You never how much these things matter until you lose them

Some of the things we fail to appreciate include: •Waking up
•Taking a walk
•Eating good food
•Taking a nap
•Sleeping in fresh sheets
•Spending time with people you love
•Wearing clean clothes
•Reading a book
•Having a good old rant
•Cuddles with someone you care about
•Singing and dancing to your favourite song

This week, learn to be grateful and appreciate the small things one after the other. First, stop thinking of the line as a cliché, then actually take out time to enjoy these things. Lastly, even in grey situations, always try to find a silver lining.

Have a great day, Pluggers.

If you want warmth, stay in the sunshine

“Her face was ghostly white. The men at the door were officers, and they were in their dress clothes. Every Army wife knows that when officers come to your door in dress clothes, it means your soldier is dead” Diana recalled with a shudder

May 1997, George who had proposed to Lisa, joined the army the weekend before their wedding. It was definitely not how she saw her new life starting but it had always been his dream to be an Army tanker and she understood that. In 2001, they had a baby, Maria and about 2 years after, George was transferred to Iraq.

Lisa, still trying to be positive started working with other Army wives as the leader of a support group for military families. That was where she met Diane whose husband, Duane was in George’s company. The holidays were rolling in and Lisa and the other women in the Family Readiness Group had started making preparations to make the Christmas an amazing one for their husbands when they heard on a knock. It was the worst possible news, George had been killed by a roadside bomb, Lisa crumbled beyond function.

The next morning, Diana took over, calling Lisa’s friends and family to tell them what happened. She shielded Lisa from media phone calls, drove to Dallas to pick up George’s mom at the airport, babysat for Maria, cooked, and cleaned Lisa’s house. Diana couldn’t have imagined not being there for her friend. “Lisa was still Lisa no matter what happened and her friendship meant too much to me to lose it. I made sure she wasn’t sitting at home alone,” she said. Years down, both women still keep in close touch through email and phone, Lisa remarried and Diana in Germany

Surround yourself with people that give off positive vibes. Persons that will inspire you to be more and be better. Jim Rohn once said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So how do you choose your top 5 wisely? Detoxing your life from negative influencers will allow you to become the person you truly want to be.

  • Stay away from chronic complainers
  • Stop participating in meaningless conversations
  • Share your idea with only people who are supportive or willing to provide constructive criticism
  • Minimize your interactions with people who are negative, discouraging and bitter.
  • Stop watching TV and reading negative posts on social media (yes, mainstream media is a major negative influence in our lives)
  • Surround yourself with positive and successful people (remember, we become like the top 5 people we spend our time with!).
  • Find new, like-minded friends, join networking and support groups, or find a positive coach or a mentor.

Take these steps one at a time and do them with intent. You deserve to be the best you can be.

Have a great day, Pluggers.

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